The Energetic Roadmap to Fulfilling Your Passions

Love. Freedom. Joy.

Your highest excitement.


You have unlimited potential!

Are you living in pursuit of that passion?

Passion isn’t exactly included in the typical road map to success and this is where the problem lies. We live in a world where the perceived model of success is to get good grades or you won’t get into college (partially wrong), go to college or you can’t get a job (also wrong), and land a stable career that will automatically light you up with passion every day because of how hard you’ve worked for it (completely wrong)!

Vibratory energy and your life

Did you know that vibration plays a major role in uncovering and chasing your ultimate passion?

Stay with me for a second. We know that thoughts connect to other thoughts which produce emotions. Emotions have so much authority over our lives that they pull us in certain directions by subtly pushing our actions.

Thoughts and emotions are direct indications of the current state of our vibration. Vibration makes up our entire being. Vibration is the life energy that flows through us.

When we’re experiencing joy, bliss, passion, and excitement we are experiencing pure and unhindered energy!

If we are feeling withdrawn, guilty, disconnected, or doubtful, there is less universal energy flowing through us. These are indications that we are in a low vibratory state.

Life happens, and events that bring contrast often help to bring you back to perspective. We’re all human. Sometimes we get a little off track, or things don’t exactly mesh the way we hoped they would.

You need to listen to you, and what lights you up.

Identify your passions by how you feel about them

We all started out with either negative, neutral, or positive programming, but we can decide to live with pure and uninterrupted joy!

How we are feeling matters!

It matters more than most other factors of our being, and it should be one of our top priorities.

If we aren’t living in a state of love and happiness, imagine the kinds of negative things (thoughts/emotions/actions) that we’re projecting out into the world every day.

We need to be more intentional. Our experiences and creations of our lives are up to us. In order to move forward we must act on our joy whenever it arises, and that’s how we start to recognize our core self. Genuine happiness can make or break your life.

Understanding how much of an impact joy, passion, and excitement can have on our lives is the beginning of a major personal statement that only you can make to the universe.

This statement says that you’re done living for other people.

Take back your power

It’s time that we take back our power. How can you give from an empty bucket? How can we live our greatest day-to-day lives when we, ourselves, are not being lit up by what we do?

What is stopping you from doing what you love, or being with who you love?

True harmony comes from acting on our passions because we are then deliberately and purposefully making the statement that we want to align with our natural and highest vibration, and the universe thrives when we chase our innate joy and passion!

If we can function in a way that supports our highest, personal, and most passionate core vibration then that is exactly the action we need to take. It’s time that we become aware of and get excited about the fact that we are always supported in doing anything that is representative of our highest passion!


Momentum plays a major role in this. As we move forward in pursuing our highest excitement it’s inevitable that eventually we will start to uncover and learn more about our passions. As we begin to act upon these passions, we create momentum. This increases the universal life force within us which is what got us interested in our passions in the first place! This force is powerful and you are the only one who can allow it to impact your life.

Maybe that momentum is created by you putting more time into learning a new style of painting that captured the attention of an artist who is immersed in that style of painting that you just learned. Maybe he excitedly put your name down for an emerging artist showcase in New York City.

It seems simple but it’s not. The momentum behind our passion is huge and can be life changing.

If we wait to make the decision to get started, that momentum has less time to build.

Negative energy

There is a downside to this universal magic, but we only need to understand how it works to keep it on our side. If we fall out of pursuing our passion and positive alignment and begin to let fear, guilt, doubt, judgement, hate, and other kinds of negativity into our daily experience, then that attention we have just given to that negative energy gives it permission to manifest into our lives.

The universe will support whatever kind of vibration we are projecting. This ties right back into our free will. What we say goes.

Urgency can work against us

If you are finding it difficult to dive straight into your deepest passion, an easy way to begin is by being content with what you have. We have to stop trying so hard to live a 100% perfect life and we need to send waves of appreciation and genuine happiness into the universe. Focusing on gratitude projects that we want to live intentionally with love and declares that we are thankful for what we have.

You might be thinking.. wait a second. Weren’t we talking about passion and living out our ultimate purpose? How does *not* taking action and being content serve our burning drive to succeed in passion?

I’ll tell you why. Urgency (when it’s backed by resistance) can work against us.

If we are taking on a dominant feeling of urgency, this will lower our vibration. This falls under the same category of being stressed or anxious a lot of the time.

Have you noticed that when we get hyped up and really, really, really want something it begins to make us go crazy, we actually feel on edge and uneasy? We want that thing or outcome more than we’ve ever wanted anything and we’re just so tired of thinking about it around the clock but we just keep pushing and pushing because if there’s anything we’ve ever wanted from the universe, THIS IS IT. And we want it now.

If we have to push that hard, that’s a clue that there is resistance involved.

A good example is when people are single and are wanting to find a relationship. They’re putting themselves out there, meeting people, going out, maybe talking with several new people at once; but what they might not realize is that they are focusing on the fact that they don’t have someone and are alone. Trying to fill that void emphasizes the void. That void is now the highest vibration and so what does the universe give them? More of the void. But often times when people stop looking for a date or a partner they meet someone almost immediately.

When we try to push and overcome things that don’t come easily to us then we are denying ourselves of the energy that will help us to create – in our peaceful state, not in a desperate and urgent one. Goal setting, momentum, strength and urgency is what society has come to trust – because it works BUT this is the hard way if you’re not pursuing your highest passion.

For example, just because I am not scientifically inclined doesn’t mean I could never work in the medical field. If I studied long hard hours for many years I could become a doctor. If it’s that difficult for me though, then why am I not pursuing something that I have natural talents for? Why am I trying to get into this profession that’s extremely difficult for me? Is that the source of my highest excitement? If it is, great! But the WHY needs to be the underlying reason for following this path. Is that my dream, or someone else’s? Big success with little passion can be very sad and can be one of the worst kinds of failure.

If we can take a step back and replace not aligned passion with aligned contentment then we are appreciating ourselves and our own talents.

We are saying thank you to our strengths and passions, and by appreciating them we’re encouraging them to bloom a little more than before.

We are saying, “I see you”, to our worries and fears, but we are not giving them leverage over our decisions.

Pursue your highest fascination

We weren’t meant to push for things our entire lives. We weren’t meant to deprive ourselves of the things we love. We were born to be fascinated!

Eagerness, peacefulness, and loving states bring about lifetimes of more joy than states of resistance and difficulty. It’s difficult to do something day in and day out that’s not in alignment with us. Our focus needs to be on our innermost desires.

Make lists. Think about things that ignite the spark inside of you and that really get your excitement going. Write down things that blow your mind, it’s okay if these things scare you. They should scare you, or they might not be big enough!

There are no limitations! We can have whatever we want, whatever is in line with our highest vibration we can bring into existence. Abraham Hicks mentioned that “as things unfold that are perfect vibrational matches to where you are, you begin to make the obvious association. I flowed that vibration, I got that back in response. It’s not a trust that it builds, it’s an absolute knowing. These are absolute universal responses. It’s the deliberate factor that makes it fun.”

New decisions may come with mistakes, but each mistake will point you to a new direction that will lead you to your highest excitement. We might have to be redirected a couple of times before we find something that really clicks for us. Be sure to focus on your emotions and thoughts when venturing into new territories. If something doesn’t feel good, don’t pursue that anymore. Instead try something that you’ve always had your eye on.

When you follow your dreams you are encouraging MANY other people to follow theirs! Imagine a world where everyone lived by their highest fascination and eagerness! 

The Law of Attraction is powerful and when we think and feel ourselves into alignment we are bringing about more similar feelings.

Nothing less than your most loving, peaceful, exciting, and interesting life will be enough for you, and it really does begin with alignment. Positive alignment manifests into an eternal unfolding of being content, peaceful, and powerful in the creation of your reality. Finding balance is sometimes necessary as a middle step to take to recalibrate your life and your focus.

In the future, throughout the Lotus & Moondust blog you’ll find content such as tips on releasing resistance, how to stop feeling powerless, how to let fear go, keeping your vibration high while working closely with negative people, how to stay out of the political emotional whirlwind, and a lot more. I’ll give you a hint though… the one word answer to most of life’s problems is appreciation.

It’s time for abundance.

In gratitude, love, and light,

Mindset & Success Writer and Editor


  • Dada

    October 26, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Wow what an uplifting post! This motivates me to hold on to my passion no matter what because without it there is not use in anything!

  • Amber Myers

    October 27, 2017 at 12:04 am

    I love this post! I always try to have positive thoughts–it takes less energy than negative ones, that’s for sure.

  • Tasheena @

    October 27, 2017 at 1:52 am

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Looking forward to your upcoming posts. I agree that positive alignment manifests!

  • Ola

    October 27, 2017 at 7:48 am

    I totally agree with what you said about urgency. It can cause you to make poor decisions and to settle for things that you otherwise might not have chosen.

  • Saidah Washington

    October 27, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    In 2008, I quit my job to pursue my passion. Fast forward nine years and today I get to do what I love and make a living doing it.

  • Amanda Schreiber

    October 27, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    I recently quite my job (that I was very successful at) because I was full of negative energy all the time while at work and after work. Now I am doing something I’m passionate about and it is so much better for everyone around me.

  • TColeman

    October 28, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    I totally agree with this. Without passion there is not much that you will do to be successful.

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