7 Chakras Colored Tapestry


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This work of art would be perfect for a yoga, massage, reiki, or meditation room. Each color corresponds with a chakra in the body and is believed to help you align and center.

The chakra points (also called “nadi”) are located throughout the human body and are believed to be the energy centers through which the life force energy inside people moves. Alignment of the chakras aids the body in feeling whole, balanced, and complete. There is a color that corresponds with each of the seven chakras:

First (root) chakra: Red
Second (sacral) chakra: Orange
Third (solar plexus) chakra: Yellow
Fourth (heart) chakra: Green
Fifth (throat) chakra: Blue (can be turquoise or sapphire blue)
Sixth (third eye) chakra: Purple
Seventh (crown) chakra: White (occasionally purple-white)

There is a certain frequency that each chakra vibrates at and also responds to wavelengths of light at. For example, the root chakra vibrates within the 400-484 THz frequency range.

Due to the different wavelengths and frequencies of each color, each individual color contains a different level of emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical information. This information transmuted through each color can balance chakras and is believe to heal.

Material: Polyester / Cotton

This item is available but is on backorder; shipping time is roughly 2 weeks.

More information on chakras: http://www.chakra-anatomy.com/chakra-colors.html


Rectangle – 59 inches x 27.5 inches (150 cm x 70 cm), Square – 59 inches x 59 inches (150 cm x 150 cm)

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