Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace


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Clear quartz is affectionately known as the “master healer”. Thought and energy can be amplified by clear quartz, and this stone can have an impact on the way other crystals act. This stone regulates, releases, stores, and absorbs energy. Clear quartz is effective at warding off negative energies of any kind. It can even neutralize certain types of radiation, including petrochemical emanations or electromagnetic smog. It rejuvenates and helps to balance the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical states. This stone even works as a cleanser for deep soul issues; as it enhances and purifies the inner wellbeing, subtle bodies, and organs. Clear quartz is helpful for establishing and strengthening the mind and the physical dimension. Memory is improved and concentration is heightened with the healing properties of clear quartz. Even the immune system benefits from this stone, as it is stimulated by clear quartz, which helps the body come even further into balance.

Handmade in Manitou Springs, CO.

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