Daily Affirmations For Celebrating Abundance

Affirmations are my go to for expressing my gratitude and attracting abundance in my life. They are great for doing on the go, doing to motivate you for the day, or going to sleep prepared for tomorrow.

You can post them on your phone to pop up for reminders, put them on a vision board, post them on your mirror to look at, Journal them everyday, or just say out loud.

The hardest thing about affirmations is well… what are the good ones?!

Here are my favorite affirmations celebrating abundance:

“Today I am walking in a space of divinely given abundance and that is enough.”

“I am a being of abundance, wealth, and happiness.”

“Today I am grateful for what I have, and will live in the moment.”

“Every breath I take today is something to celebrate, every step I take is a blessing, and every moment will be blessed from now on.”

“Today I remind myself that I am wealthy beyond belief because I am able to surround myself with people that I love and love me.”

Most of these affirmations take the focus off of material belongings- often we focus only on one type of abundance: the abundance of money.

Often to be able to lift ourselves from that space it is beyond important to remind ourselves of the other types: spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental abundance.

These are affirmations I use EVERY day of my life, and often people tell me I’m a chipper fu-, well let’s just say I’m chipper.

Alexis DiOrio/Terrestrial Tarot
Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach

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  • Rawlings sunday

    December 16, 2017 at 9:41 am

    These words have power and life. They are inspiring and empowering. They break the shackles of negativity and brightens each day and prepare one for greater height. Thanks for reminding me. I will increase my momentum on the affirmation

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