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“I’m an artist, and when you buy from me you are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experiments. You are buying a piece of my heart and soul, a moment of my life.”


Mysteries of Crystal Healing

A Comprehensive Guide to Restoring and Energizing Yourself Naturally with Pure Minerals and Stones Throughout the course of history, crystals have been present as a method of healing and reviving. […]

10 Quotes on Enlightenment

A spiritual journey is two things: blissful and confusing. It comes in ways of both- it can be one at a time or you can experience them at the same […]

Daily Affirmations For Celebrating Abundance

Affirmations are my go to for expressing my gratitude and attracting abundance in my life. They are great for doing on the go, doing to motivate you for the day, […]

The Energetic Roadmap to Fulfilling Your Passions

Love. Freedom. Joy. Your highest excitement. Choices. You have unlimited potential! Are you living in pursuit of that passion? Passion isn’t exactly included in the typical road map to success and this […]


Crystal, Salt, & Selenite Lamps

Crystals & Geodes

Toward New Horizons

Welcome to Lotus & Moondust. We are free-spirited artists who aim to spread love and light to the mind, body, and soul. We ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality. Our natural gemstone crystal jewelry is handmade in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Almost all of our products that are not handmade (excluding tapestries) are sourced from eco-friendly suppliers in the USA because we value working towards a smaller carbon footprint as a planet. Investments such as a 35′ tall glass pyramid, geothermal system, as well as other innovations have been made in our product storage areas to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Most of our gemstones you can find on this site are 100% raw and natural, but color enhanced stones and polished stones will be specified.

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