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Handmade healing crystal jewelry starting at $11.11

Energy cleansing

Sage and smudge sticks


Handmade healing crystal jewelry


Apparel for free spirits


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Hello! We had a hiccup with our website and are working on rebuilding; we are open while under construction! Thank you for your patience and we are sorry for the […]

Success without passion

Love. Freedom. Joy. Your highest excitement. Choices. You have unlimited potential! Are you living in pursuit of that passion? The world today puts success on a pedestal, and that’s good, because success […]


Welcome to Lotus & Moondust!

We are free-spirited artists spreading love and light to the mind, body, and soul. Lotus & Moondust is an uplifting brand for the modern bohemian. Bohemian to us is a collective that joins all of the artistic, free, and wild hearts desperate for the next adventure.


Our designs are intended for any free-spirited woman. We won’t put limits on you; we meet and exceed every expectation for laid-back boho and gypsy-beauty occasions. We accomplish all of this while encouraging you to be loud and proud about who you are.


We offer handmade healing crystal jewelry, crystal accessories, mindset & success content, tapestries, books, and much more.


“Where feathers fall, angels tread, and gypsies roam.”


Be free here.